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Why should I choose Boston over anyone else?

We are genuinely committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment of the highest standards and we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We continually invest in our product range, team and infrastructure in order to maintain our high product standards and deliver a first-class service. When you buy from Boston, you can rest assured that you’ll be investing in cost-effective equipment that is reliable, durable and safe. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on all of your workshop needs. We operate our own MoT premises, are Authorised Examiners and long term members of the UK Garage Equipment Association (GEA), and our engineers are SIRA approved and UKAS accredited.

I’m interested in your range but your products look expensive.

We often come across customers that mistakenly believe the Boston range is expensive. When we provide them with a quote they are usually surprised at how competitively priced we are and wish they had come to us sooner! Buying workshop equipment, especially a vehicle test lane, is a long term investment that should be looked at not only in terms of the initial outlay but also the operational lifespan, reliability and safety of the product. Boston products are excellent value on all counts and we’ll be more than happy to prove this to you with a detailed and transparent quotation. Customers are always welcome to visit our premises (or a local customer) to see the equipment in action before making any decisions.

Is all Boston equipment made in the UK?

We are a strong supporter of British manufacturing, and where possible, our range of capital equipment is manufactured in the UK. When this is not possible, equipment is manufactured in Europe by carefully selected suppliers, specifically for Boston, according to our design and subject to our rigorous testing and quality control. Some small items and promotional products, for which there are no safety implications, may be sourced elsewhere.

I've heard there are a lot of cheap lifts in the market - why shouldn't I buy one of these?

In short, to protect you and the safety of your team. Experience and feedback from customers has shown that the majority of cheap equipment comes from countries where the quality of manufacturing is low, and equipment is not thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. We’ve seen that tolerances and accuracy in welded components can be quite poor, and control systems frequently use low cost parts and fail shortly after purchase. To meet price, steel quality is usually low grade meaning the structural strength of the lift is compromised and safety systems are often dangerously inoperative. We’d always advise that you purchase a lift from a reputable brand that is CE marked, and conforms to both the Machinery Directive and to BS EN 1493.

Does Boston offer finance solutions?

Yes. We currently offer finance solutions for the UK market and have an excellent range of payment plans to suit most requirements. Equipment is available on 2, 3, 4 or 5 year lease hire (or purchase) and offers unparalleled value for money with every payment being 100% tax allowable. As an example, complete packages are available from approximately £99.99 a week (Class 4 assisted). Lease finance is a good financial solution that enables you to retain capital whilst growing your business.

Do you charge for site-surveys and DVSA suitable CAD plans?

There are no charges for site surveys, however there is a small charge for CAD plans which is fully refundable upon the purchase of equipment from Boston.

I have just purchased new premises and want to install a MoT bay. Will Boston come and have a look?

Yes, but we recommend that a site assessment is carried out before you commit to purchase or leasing of the property. We have extensive experience in the planning and installation of MoT bays, and we assess each site individually to provide you with sound advice. Installing a new test lane can be a daunting project but we’ll be on hand to support you every step of the way - with site surveys, advice on equipment selection, site drawings, project management, building works support and installation. Once you’re up and running, you'll get continued support and first-class customer service. For more information, take a look at our Planning and Installation page.

My concrete floor is not completely flat - can I still install a vehicle lift?

The floor needs to be level to plus or minus 12mm across the area where the lift will be installed. There also needs to be at least 8 inches of concrete beneath the location of each lift post to ensure the safety of the lift (this is a minimum requirement for all makes and models). It is also important that your lift is installed by a GEA Accredited Lift Engineer who is trained and follows the correct guidance and procedures specified by the lift manufacturer.

How does the online remote support service work?

Boston’s unique OSS (Online Support Service) is built-in to our equipment control software as standard. Customers using our PC controlled products can access the remote service quickly and easily without exiting the software. Messages can be sent directly to our service department from within the software meaning no email addresses or contact details of any kind are required. Our engineers will call you, and once connected, we can remotely interrogate your equipment and read live sensor data and voltages; we can accurately diagnose problems from ‘behind the scenes’. Faults can be quickly identified and resolved, and if a site visit is required, our engineers will have the correct parts for a first visit fix, saving you time and money.

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