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Boston is the UK's leading manufacturer & supplier of high-quality workshop equipment. Specialists in MOT Test Bays, our equipment is trusted by thousands of UK garages.

Trusted Garage Equipment

Thousands of customers across the United Kingdom trust Boston and for good reason, our professional garage equipment is installed in 30% of the UK’s 23,000 authorised vehicle testing premises.

You will also find our vehicle lifts, MOT equipment, and other products in over 100 Local Authorities and Educational Facilities, and numerous main agents including BMW, Mercedes, Suzuki, Ford, Peugeot and many more.

All our equipment is manufactured in the EU, and specifically in the UK wherever possible. Our products are reliable, attractive, colour coordinated, robustly constructed, and built-to-last – these are just some of the key factors that put Boston ahead of the field.

MOT Equipment for Vehicle Testing Stations

With over 35 years' experience, Boston has always been a leader when it comes to MOT testing equipment. We’re specialists in complete test lanes and run our own Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) which gives us the in-depth knowledge required to design the most efficient test equipment and software.

Furthermore, with the rollout of Connected MOT Equipment, Boston has been and continues to be at the forefront of industry developments. 

The latest version of our SW900 iV MOT control software operates all current items of Connected MOT Equipment (Exhaust Gas Analyser, Diesel Smoke Meter, Class 4 and Class 7 Brake Testers and Decelerometers). In addition a Connected Headlight Aim Tester is already integrated into our control software to ensure this product is ready as soon as it is introduced by the DVSA.

Furthermore, we continue to invest heavily in both product and software development so, if you want to future-proof your MOT equipment, then make sure you choose Boston.

We offer a complete range of DVSA approved MOT equipment for Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L, and Class 7 testing and our experienced team can guide you through the whole process of setting up an MOT station


What's included in an MOT Test Lane?

A Class 4 or Class 7 MOT Test Lane is comprised of: 

  • Vehicle lift with integrated play detectors and turning plates - this is normally a 4 post lift but we also offer MOT Scissor Lifts. 
  • Car and van brake tester - a weighing system is optional unless you want to test motorcycles in which case you will also require our motorcycle testing adaptor plates.
  • Emissions testing equipment - gas analyser, diesel smoke meter, and an emissions control station (which will also control the vehicle brake tester)
  • RPM / Oil temperature measuring device - to be used in conjunction with the emissions testing equipment
  • Headlamp aim tester (beam setter) 
  • Jacking beam 

With the ever-growing number of larger vehicles on the road, a Class 7 Test Lane is an ideal opportunity to increase your revenues, if you have the space and height to install the bay. According to 2019 DVSA figures, only 25% of all vehicle testing stations are equipped to test Class 7 vehicles.  

See our MOT Test Lanes for further details including standard layout schematics

Vehicle Lifts for Service / Repair Garages and MOT Stations

What sets our car lifts apart is their high quality, solid, sturdy build. Designed and manufactured in the UK or Europe, our vehicle lifts are built-to-last and feature quality components, mechanical safety mechanisms, heavy duty platforms, solid base plates, thick column steel, and quality-controlled welding. 

A vehicle lift is an important investment for any repair garage or MOT station, so you need to be sure that it is both safe and reliable. Unlike Boston lifts, many lifts manufactured in the far-east are of sub-standard quality, prone to leaking and breaking down – and we should know, our vehicle lift engineers service all makes and models and can attest to the huge variation of standards in the market. 

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle lift you can put your trust in, we offer a comprehensive range with a wide choice of platform lengths (4 post lifts) and lifting capacities. Our range includes single post lifts, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, in-ground lifts, commercial lifts and MOT lifts.

Whether you regularly work on motorbikes, small cars, sports cars, estate cars, four-wheel drives, and/or light commercial vehicles (LCVs), Boston has the right vehicle lift for you.

Complete Range of Vehicle Garage Equipment 

Our range also extends to vehicle jacking equipment such as jacking beams, trolley jacks, transmission jacks and air hydraulic jacks.

Our popular jacking beams can be used in conjunction with our 4 post lifts and our BJB20 and BJB28 models are designed and manufactured in the UK. 

Boston's General Workshop Equipment includes wheel trolleys, workshop cranes and hydraulic Presses from Danish Manufacturer AC Hydraulic. As you would expect with any Boston garage equipment, the range is robust, reliable and of exceptional quality. 


More Information 

If you are interested in more details about our professional garage equipment, or you would like to speak to one of our technical experts, you can call us on 01708 207638, or contact us using our quick-to-complete enquiry form.

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