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NEW! Company Video: Find out more about Boston…

Have you seen our new company video?

Company and product videos are something we’ve wanted to create for quite a while here at Boston Garage Equipment.

However, it’s only since we moved into our new premises near Maldon, Essex that we’ve had the space to install equipment and produce what we had in mind.

Our company presentation, the first in a series of videos we’ll be filming, is a short and easy-to-digest summary of what Boston is all about. Following on from this, we’ll be creating more focused product and software videos to be released throughout 2024.

So, without further ado, we’ll leave you to watch our company presentation - we hope you enjoy it and perhaps learn something about us that you didn’t already know!

Looking to purchase new equipment, why not come and visit us first? 

Whether you’re an existing Boston customer or completely new to Boston equipment, give us a call on 01708 525585 or contact us to arrange a product demonstration. 

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