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Boston releases new RF remote control

Boston has just announced the release of its new RFC-90 Radio Frequency PC remote control. The rugged workshop-designed remote was initially developed for their forthcoming new range of braketesters, but it's development was finalised ahead of schedule and the decision was taken to release the product to market. The RFC-90 mimics the most common keyboard functions on a standard PC keyboard, namely the function 'F' keys, arrow keys, letters and numbers. With this sort of functionality, the RFC-90 is not just a product for the family of Boston equipment, but in fact will control any PC based emission equipment or braketester, regardless of the manufacturer! Because the remote uses radio frequency and not infra-red, it doesn’t require line-of-site to operate. Boston’s national sales manager said.. “In the first week of release we sold 42 units with orders from our distributor network coming in fast; we expect to sell a high volume of this item”.

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