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Coronavirus & MOT Connected Equipment

COVID-19: MOT Connected Equipment Update

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the DVSA is allowing MOT stations that have changed ownership to continue testing even if they do not have the required connected equipment stipulated by the current regulations. 

Full statement from the DVSA

On 30th March 2020, the DVSA issued a statement concerning MOT Connected Test Equipment via the MOT Testing Service (MTS) stating the following:

“If your Vehicle Testing station (VTS) changes ownership, you usually have a 3 month period to comply with the requirement to install connected test equipment.

DVSA is currently suspending this 3 month time scale. Any VTS that has not installed connected equipment within 3 months of a change in entity will still be able to test.

We encourage you to continue with your upgrade where possible.”

How long is this suspension likely to last?

The DVSA has issued no further information but this relaxation of the rules is likely to last for as long as the UK is in a period of lockdown.

We would expect that once businesses across the country get back to working normally, the 3 month rule would be reinstated. Whether MOT Stations are given another full 3 months to meet the regulations or only the remainder of time they had left to connect equipment is not currently known.

What does this mean for the rollout of additional Connected MOT Equipment?

The DVSA has previously stated that connected emissions equipment would be introduced in late spring 2020 and connected headlamp aligners would be introduced in summer 2020.

We believe that it is now unlikely that these timelines will be met.

Depending on how the Coronavirus situation develops, there is a chance that connected emissions equipment (diesel smoke meters and exhaust gas analysers) could still be introduced towards the end of 2020, but it is highly unlikely that a connected headlamp aim tester would be introduced this year.

The DVSA has not announced any change to the planned rollout schedule but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything official.

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