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DVSA Announces Changes to MOT Equipment Calibrations

MOT Brake Tester

The DVSA has announced upcoming changes to how and when calibrations must be carried out for roller brake testers, headlamp aim testers and decelerometers.

The new rules will apply to all Vehicle Testing Stations from 1st April 2023.

Changes to Brake Tester and Headlamp Aim Tester Calibrations

From 1st April 2023 the DVSA will no longer allow MOT Stations to calibrate their own brake testers or headlamp testers. According to the new regulations, calibration of these items must only be carried out by:

  • the original manufacturer
  • a company that has taken over responsibility for equipment support from the manufacturer
  • an MOT equipment calibration specialist

The DVSA further states that MOT Stations must “satisfy themselves of the technical competence and viability of the company concerned and be able to demonstrate this to DVSA upon request.”

Changes to Decelerometer Calibrations

Under current regulations Decelerometers (sometimes referred to as Tapley Meters) are calibrated every 24 months. From 1st April 2023 this will become an annual requirement with calibration intervals not to exceed 12 months.

Decelerometer calibration certificates issued before 1st April 2023 will remain valid until they expire, after this the equipment must be calibrated annually.

When will the DVSA update their documentation?

The MOT special notice 01-23 which includes these changes is now available on the government's website. The DVSA will also be updating the MOT testing guide and MOT inspection manuals (all classes) to include these modifications on 6th February 2023.

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