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DVSA Working on Connected Cameras for MOT Stations

SW900 iV MOT Control Software Cameras & Beamsetters Integration

The latest ‘Matters of Testing’ blog provides an overview of the DVSA’s plans to introduce Connected Cameras in Vehicle Testing Stations.

Following the launch of Connected MOT Equipment which, since October 2019, has seen the introduction of connected brake testers, emissions equipment (gas analysers & diesel smoke meters) and decelerometers, the DVSA now appears to be focusing on Connected Cameras.

According to the blog post published on March 29th 2023, the DVSA have already completed an initial trial in a certain number of MOT Stations with testers using a phone or tablet device to upload images to the MTS.  

Talking about the benefits of Connected Cameras, the DVSA states, “This will help reduce record keeping errors as [testers] won’t need to enter the registration plate manually. This should also help save time during the test.”

When are Connected Cameras likely to be introduced?

There is no introduction date planned so far as the DVSA’s next step is to carry out a second trial. However, should this be successful they have indicated they are planning to introduce cameras as the primary way in which all MOT Stations will register a vehicle for an MOT.

This would be a departure from current rules which stipulate that Connected Equipment is only required under certain circumstances: when setting up a new Testing Station, when there is a change of entity, when buying new equipment or when replacing old equipment that now needs to be connected.

Consequently the DVSA has said, “We’ll let [MOT Stations] know how the second trial goes and, if we decide to adopt connected cameras for all MOTs, we’ll give [you] plenty of warning of any changes.”

What’s happening with Connected Headlamp Aim Testers?

For the last couple of years the DVSA has also been promising to introduce Connected Headlamp Aim Testers. This is still pending final specifications from the DVSA and there has been no recent update on this topic.

How is Boston keeping ahead of Connected Equipment regulations?

At Boston, our aim is to continue to keep ahead of changes in the industry and ensure we future-proof equipment for our customers.

As we design and develop not only our products but our MOT Control Software, we have the capability to react quickly to market developments. In addition to our complete range of existing Connected Equipment, we have already been working in the background to develop Connected Headlamp Aim Testers and Connected Cameras and integrate these into our software. This means that we’ll be ready with a fully integrated solution that will operate all items of Connected MOT equipment as soon as the DVSA announces launch dates.

Looking for advice on Connected Equipment?

Our team is up-to-date on all the latest DVSA rules and will provide expert honest advice. If you’d like to speak to us you can give us a call on 01708 525585, complete our contact form, or send an email to [email protected], we’ll be more than happy to help.

The complete DVSA blog post can be found on the Government's 'Matters of Testing' page. 

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