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MoT industry welcomes Play Detectors

New VOSA regulations introducing play-detectors and computerised braketesters to the MoT test, have created heavy demand for the new equipment as MoT stations look forward to the benefits of one-man testing. For more than 40 years, two persons were required to conduct an MoT test – but new technology has provided the opportunity for this change, which is regarded as the most significant advance ever for testing stations.

Typical of the effect of the new regulations, Boston Garage Equipment's production line in Essex is now working seven days to meet a surge in orders for their hydraulic PD-301 play-detector that is claimed to offer the most extensive range of features available in Europe. Additionally to meet demand, Boston have installed a customer test bay at their headquarters where the PD-301 is available for anyone to use if they are considering one-man tests.

Managing Director Ray Calcutt commented, "With huge savings available to MoT stations, it is little surprise that so many are upgrading as soon as possible. Our agency network across the country has never been busier, but we are committed to offering prompt deliveries and this is being achieved"

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