Vehicle Scissor Lifts

We offer a complete range of vehicle scissor lifts for MOT testing, servicing, bodywork, and repairs. Sturdy and attractive, these lifts maximise the use of available space.

Choosing a Car Scissor Lift for MOT Testing & Servicing

Boston Garage Equipment provides a complete range of vehicle scissor lifts for MOT Stations, vehicle service centres and repair workshops.

Our models include single, double, static and mobile car scissor lifts as well as motorcycle scissor lifts, a mid rise scissor lift, and service lifts specifically designed for quad bikes and lawn mowers.

With lifting capacities ranging from 3 to 5 Tonnes, we’re confident that you’ll find the right vehicle lift to meet your workshop’s needs.

Is a Vehicle Scissor Lift the Right Choice for Your Automotive Workshop?

Scissor action lifts are a great option for MOT stations and vehicle repair garages looking to maximise the use of available space. They are small and compact, and the static lifting models can be surface mounted for an obstruction-free working area. 

Our mid rise scissor lift is the ideal height for wheel and tyre service bays, and the whole range is a good choice for body shops and spray booths where unobstructed access with no ramp in the way is a real benefit.

If you choose a mobile scissor lift (sometimes referred to as a portable scissor lift), you have the added advantage of being able to move the lift freely around your garage or even to take it outside. Boston’s 3T mobile scissor lift is easy to manoeuvre and equipped with two heavy duty nylon casters at the rear of each platform base for quick and simple positioning.

How to Select a Reliable Vehicle Scissor Lift

Not all scissor lifts on the market are of comparable quality or reliability. If you’re looking to purchase a car lift that will last and provide a good return on investment, here’s some key points to check for:

  • Mechanical safety lock mechanisms – Many scissor action vehicle lifts rely on dual hydraulic safety mechanisms. This is an acceptable form of safety but no match for physical mechanical locks. Boston offers both types, but our larger MOT scissor lifts with greater lifting capacities are always supplied with mechanical locking mechanisms.
  • Scissor fulcrum points – A good quality scissor vehicle lift will contain sturdy thick fulcrum bosses and hardened steel pins with greasing points. These are key to longevity and safe operation of the lift. Beware of lifts with thin fulcrum points and bosses, and/or without greasing points. Such poorer quality garage lifts are likely to also have thin or thinner steel scissor sections.
  • Platform size and thickness – While many scissor car lifts on the market are comparable in price for similar load capacities, it is important to check the actual dimensions of each lift as platform lengths and widths can differ significantly making them less suitable for certain types of vehicles. For MOT scissor lifts which require the vehicle’s wheels to be on the platform, widths of at least 600mm are advisable.
  • Complete base frame – The base frame is another key indicator of the quality of a scissor lift. Look for a complete floor mounting instead of individual support frames at the bottom of each scissor. This helps avoid premature wearing to th pins and bushes by ensuring correct alignment of the lift’s scissor mechanisms during installation.
  • CE Certification – All lifting equipment used in the UK should carry a valid CE certificate. CE marking is not a guarantee of this as labels can be added fraudulently. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer to produce their records of the certification process.

What Does Your Car Lift Say About Your Workshop?

Studies show that drivers are increasingly influenced by the appearance of the garages they use. Tidy and professional looking vehicle workshops are key to attracting and retaining new clientele, especially for smaller independents in competition with main dealers.

Garage equipment can contribute significantly to the perceived quality of your business, so it is important to consider the finish of the lift. As with all Boston equipment, great attention has been paid to the overall look of our scissor lifts which benefit from sturdy and attractive design features.

If you would like to receive more information or a quote for any of our equipment you can contact us using our enquiry form or call us on +44 (0)1708 525585.  

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