Roller Brake Tester

DVSA approved for MOT Testing, Boston brake testers are hard-wearing and reliable. Controlled using our market-leading software with attractive and easy-to-read graphical displays, our equipment helps you complete a brake test quickly and efficiently.

The Most Advanced Roller Brake Testers for Fast, Efficient MOT Testing

Choosing the right vehicle brake tester (sometimes referred to as a rolling road brake tester) is a key decision for any MOT Station. This equipment is heavily used and needs to be able to withstand the physical demands of the MOT brake test.

In addition to durability, you’ll want to ensure the control software is modern and easy-to-use so you can perform brake tests as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Boston Garage Equipment’s range of DVSA approved brake testers are of the highest quality and operated using the most up-to-date control software on the market.

Our range includes MOT Class 4 and Class 7 brake testers, ATL brake testers (Automated Test Lanes), and motorcycle brake testers (Classes 1 & 2). 

What to Check Before Buying a Brake Tester

  • Is it DVSA approved? All our models, including our motorcycle brake tester and our motorcycle brake tester adaptor plates (D412 and D712 compatible), have been rigorously tested and are approved by the DVSA. This is a legal requirement for all brake testing equipment used in the UK.
  • Are the roller bed surfaces durable? This is important as regular roller brake tester regritting costs time and money. Boston’s roller beds are built-to-last; they’re finished with a high-quality, hard-wearing coating and come with a 5-year roller surface guarantee.
  • Is remote operation reliable? There’s nothing more frustrating than an unresponsive remote control when you’re in the middle of a brake test. Many remote controls on the market require clear line-of-site to function. Boston’s remote control uses long range Radio Frequency (RF) for consistent operation regardless of any objects in the way; it will work without pointing even if positioned on the passenger seat or in your lap.   
  • What are the installation options? Many vehicle brake testers are installed directly into concrete recesses. While we can install units this way, we recommend the use of an installation cartridge which not only increases reliability (particularly for models equipped with weighing systems) but also aids service and maintenance.
  • Can you test Motorcycles and Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles? There is a growing number of motorbikes and 4WD vehicles on the road so you want to make sure you can test these categories. Boston’s Class 4 brake tester and our Class 7 brake tester can both be used to test motorcycles with the addition of our DVSA approved adapter plate (optional) and integrated motorcycle testing software. (We also offer standalone motorcycle brake testers.) Unlike some other manufacturers, 4WD brake testing comes as standard on our car and van models. 

Our Market-Leading Brake Tester Control Software (SW900)

The SW900 control software for our range of roller brake testers is designed in-house by our team of engineers and software developers.

With over 35 years of industry and actual MOT testing experience we are ideally placed to deliver the easiest to follow testing procedures and clearest results displays.

Our software is always up-to-date with the latest DVSA testing regulations and we are constantly investing in SW900 to keep it ahead of the times. 

Advantages of our brake tester software include: 

  • Easy to follow test procedure – Our attractive graphical display screens are clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-follow. We’ve spent a lot of time getting them right so that you don’t waste any time when performing a brake test.  
  • Three different display options (during testing) – This is highly appreciated by our customers: “the ability to choose any one of three displays is a definite bonus as some testers like one display better than others and sometimes a suspected brake fault shows up better on a different display”. (Peter Fearnley - D412 Brake Tester Customer)
  • Saves you time during MOT Tests – As other Boston equipment such as emissions testers and headlight testers can be connected using the same software, you gain time by not having to re-enter vehicle details or switch between control stations. It also means that you only have one version of software to learn.
  • Comprehensive data backup – Official test data from all connected MOT test equipment is automatically backed up and can be retrieved at any point. This is particularly useful for re-tests as the MOT tester can quickly retrieve and fully view the original test. Software restore points are also regularly created in case the software is corrupted for any reason (for example by malware or other software on the PC). 
  • Integrated Remote Support – If you experience issues with any of the testing equipment connected using SW900, our service department can remotely connect directly to your system to diagnose and resolve the issue if possible, or if not, an engineer can be sent out for a first-visit fix.

More Information

Visit our Motorcycle, Car and Van Brake Tester pages for complete product specifications and technical drawings.

If you would like to enquire about a roller brake tester price or wish to speak to one of our technical experts, you can call us on 01708 525585 or contact us using our enquiry form.  

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