Emissions Equipment

Sold individually or as part of a combined emissions package, Boston's exhaust gas analysers and diesel smoke meters are reliable, user-friendly and extremely hard-wearing, lasting up to twice as long as comparable models by other manufacturers.

Trusted MOT Vehicle Emissions Testers

With thousands of units in daily operation across the UK, Boston Garage Equipment’s range of vehicle emissions analysers and smoke meters are renowned for their durability, easy operation and fast testing capabilities.   

Boston has been at the forefront of exhaust emissions testing equipment since testing was introduced via the MOT in 1991. Since then, we’ve built a reputation for rugged vehicle smoke meters (sometimes referred to as opacimeters / opacity meters) and gas analysers that easily outlive comparable units manufactured by other brands – it’s not uncommon for us to calibrate models that have been in operation for 15 years or more. 

Certified for use in the UK by the DVSA, and approved for testing petrol and diesel vehicles in nearly all European countries, our range is built to the highest specifications. 

Quick and easy to connect, Boston’s emissions testing modules can be supplied as stand-alone units or as part of our combined exhauster gas tester and diesel smoke meter packages (EM10 and EM11T).

Why Choose a Boston Exhaust Gas Analyser and Diesel Smoke Meter?

  • DVSA Approved – For Class 4, Class 5L, and Class 7 MOT Testing.
  • Rapid warm-up and fast testing – Both our MOT exhaust gas analyser and diesel smoke meter are quick to warm-up and will complete a BET (Basic Emissions Test) in less than 3.5 minutes including the printed test results.
  • Flexible equipment positioning – The use of wireless communication and the latest Bluetooth technology provides flexibility when positioning the control station in your MOT station or vehicle workshop. 
  • Attractive, high-specification control stands – Our attractive control stand keeps your Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) looking tidy and professional and incorporates a high specification wifi-enabled PC with 24” LED display and laser printer. 
  • Radio remote control – Boston’s emission testing machines are compatible with our reliable long-range remote control (RFC-96) which enables you to connect to them from inside the vehicle during an official emissions test.

Our Advanced Emissions Equipment Control Software (SW900): 

  • Graphical and intuitive user interface (UI) – Our clear graphical UI is easy-to-navigate and allows you to monitor live adjustments and performance.
  • Save time during MOTs – The SW900 software for our exhaust emissions test equipment also controls Boston’s roller brake tester and headlight beam setter. This removes the need to re-enter vehicle details or change control stations. Additionally, it also means that you only need to learn one piece of software.
  • Tests are stored and backed up – Emissions test results, and test data from all connected MOT equipment, is automatically saved and can be recalled at any point meaning that no data is ever lost. The ability to retrieve and review original test results is also useful for MOT testers carrying out re-tests. 
  • Upgradeable software – Boston’s petrol engine gas analysers and diesel smoke meters can be quickly and easily updated whenever the MOT test changes meaning that you won’t need to buy any new equipment. 
  • Integrated remote support – Remote support is built in to SW900 as standard, and enables our service team to remotely connect to your system and diagnose any issues. Most often the problem can be fixed at this point, however, should this not be the case an engineer with the correct parts can be scheduled to resolve it.

RPM and Oil Temperature Measuring Device

Sold as part of our combined emissions testing package, or as a stand-alone unit, our new EOBD-400 RPM / Oil Temperature diagnostic interface can be used on nearly all vehicles currently on the road, including many motorbikes.

The device connects to the PC using the latest Bluetooth 5 (LE) and measures RPM and Oil Temperature directly from the vehicle's EOBD connector (compatible with all vehicles manufactured from 2002). It also comes with a built-in high powered magnet for easily placement and storage when not in use.

In addition to its general operation with emissions testers, the device is also compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Operating Systems, and can easily be used as a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool and real-time performance monitor. It can read and clear vehicle fault codes, display live sensor readings and more. The EOBD-400 operates with cars and light trucks that are EOBD / OBDII compliant.

With reports that the DVSA are increasingly checking that oil temperature is measured during an MOT test and not simply bypassed, this is an important piece of MOT testing equipment.

Nationwide Service and Support by UKAS Accredited Calibration Engineers 

UK regulations stipulate that exhaust emissions equipment must be calibrated by a UKAS certified engineer who is also trained by the manufacturer of the gas analyser or smoke meter. 

We continually invest in training and provide fast nationwide onsite support through our team of UKAS engineers both in-house and via our network of approved agents. We deliver nothing less than first-class customer service and you can rest assured that we will take complete care of your equipment throughout its lifespan. 

More Information 

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